Our mission

Team of attorneys at law and associates from “Kovacevic///Kolesan” law office helps the clients to achieve determined goals, by providing quality legal assistance, based on ethical and strategic principles.

“Kovacevic///Kolesan” law office was founded by attorneys at law Ana Kolesan and Aleksandar Kovacevic in 2011, with a vision to build a team of extraordinary individuals, who will, by their team work and effort, provide our clients with legal certainty, which we all perceive as an imperative.
Our goal is to enable our clients to obtain all the necessary legal assistance on “one-stop shop” basis, and based on the mutual trust as well, both in Republic of Serbia and region, which we provide by engaging our resources and different partnerships which we have established with individuals and legal entities.

Our vision

We build a partnership relation with our clients by striving to objectively understand their requirements, and by protecting unreservedly their best interest in each particular situation.

Our values

We emphasise that the team of attorneys at law and associates that we have built shares the same life and family values, which represent the basis of our relations towards our clients and our work.
We appreciate INTEGRITY in each part of our work and personal life, and we strive to maintain the highest moral standards in making decisions, acting and communication.
We also appreciate INNOVATIONS and CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, which enables us to grow and develop together with our clients.
We acknowledge TEAM WORK and COOPERATION, and we believe that synergy of extraordinary individuals we have gathered provides our clients with full legal certainty.
We appreciate COMMUNICATION and perceive it as a key in cooperation with clients. We are devoted to timely, responsible and honest communication, with mutual respect both towards clients and members of our team.
We also acknowledge LIABILITY TOWARDS CLIENTS, by:
• striving to provide a new value and satisfy requirements of our clients whenever it is possible;
• attempting to optimize costs necessary to achieve legal certainty, simultaneously meeting all of our clients’ requirements; and
• striving to avoid unnecessary charges.


Commitment represents one of three fundamental values we abide by, in addition to reliability and trust. Namely, we are devoted to our career and call, which we perceive as high and responsible profession We are devoted to the clients and their cases, as they gave us the opportunity and entrusted us to protect their interests and rights. We are devoted to the continuous improvement, as it is necessary in order to protect rights and interests of our clients in the best possible manner. In addition, we insist on professional relations with colleagues, clients, courts, administrative authorities and all third parties with whom we contact in providing of legal assistance.


We have earned trust of our colleagues, clients and all third parties as we uncompromisingly keep our integrity, due to we are devoted to our call and to being reliable.


We are reliable both mutually, as members of the same team, and towards the clients we represent, since we have acquired the knowledge we continue to improve, in order to always be up to task.

Contact us

You can reach us on company email or phone any given time.