Practice Areas

Commercial Law

Owing to our wealth of experience, as well as to the continuous improvement, our attorneys at law successfully provide comprehensive legal assistance and support in the field of commercial law, both to domestic and international clients.

Namely, our counseling services include prior detailed analysis of relevant regulations and individual circumstances of each specific case, all within various industry sectors, in particular but not limited to: banking, finance and insurance, real estate and construction, aviation, rail and road transport, health and pharmacy, telecommunications, gaming, production, distribution and public presentation of films, sports, tourism, professional management of housekeeping operations, production and distribution of chemicals and many others.

Our practice includes undertaking of various corporate and transactional operations, such as: incorporation of business entities, status and legal form changes, preparing of status documentation and commercial agreements, due diligence reports, as well as the representing of clients in negotiations with partners, bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings, court and arbitration proceedings, proceedings of entering into settlements etc.

Corporate and M&A

By engaging in numerous business transactions since 2003 to this day, our attorneys at law have acquired experience and competences to provide comprehensive legal assistance throughout entire existence of company – as of establishment, until sale.

Taking into account business objectives and circumstances of each particular case, we advise our clients by representing their best interest. We are planning steps strategically, by anticipating possible scenarios and legal mechanisms for protecting rights of our clients.

Our services, in particular but not exclusively, encompass:

• incorporation of companies and other legal entities, such as branches of both foreign and domestic companies;
• M&A and joint venture agreements;
• selling and purchasing of properties;
• preparation of legal due diligence reports and clients for due diligence proceedings;
• cross-border M&A;
• all types of status changes – mergers, acquisitions and divisions;
• corporative management and legal compliance, organizing of companies’ general assemblies;
• increase of the share capital, loans and additional payments, as well as conversion of claims to share capital; and
• analysing of tax aspect of transaction, i.e. tax implications and optimization.

Civil Law

By joining the unique knowledge and skills of our attorneys at law with our utmost commitment to each particular client, we successfully advise and represent both natural persons and legal entities in different issues and proceedings concerning family and inheritance law, agreements and damages, real estate, consumer protection, collection of receivables etc.

In addition to preparing of all types of legal acts and documents, as well as to protection and exercising of clients’ rights and interests within litigation, non-contentious and enforcement proceedings, including the prior analysis of risks and strategy creation, our experience and practice in the subject field also involves providing of support to clients in negotiations and other forms of peaceful settlement of disputes, as well as other appropriate kinds of legal assistance.

Dispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and Enforcement

Owing to our wealth of experience and business intelligence, we solve disputes with a high percentage of success.

Out attorneys at law represent clients both before domestic and foreign courts and arbitration’s.
We are successful in strategic planning of dispute resolution, which is of an essential significance, along with timely demanding of temporary measures, which effectively secure the claims.

In addition, our attorneys at law have undergone various educations in the field of mediation, which provides us significant comparative advantage in negotiations.

Regulatory and Compliance

Due to EU integration process, during the last couple of years, Serbia is both introducing new and upgrading existing legal institutes, which results in imposing certain obligations to different subjects.

As our clients perform their business activities within different commercial branches, it is necessary to comply with numerous changes in legislation and other regulations. Inquiries of the clients range from ensuring full compliance, to analyzing of current compliance and making of necessary corrections.

In that sense, it necessary to understand reasons to legislation amendments and supplements, as well as the context of such changes, all in order to provide our clients with efficient legal advice.

In accordance with the aforementioned, we provide legal assistance aimed to regulatory compliance in the following legal areas:
• data protection;
• anti – money laundering;
• commerce;
• passenger transport;
• advertising;
• consumer protection; and
• many others.

Labor Law

As labor law is one of the most important and dynamic parts of legal system, we are actively following all legal news in the subject field, i.e. both relevant legislative alterations and court practice, all in order to provide precise and complete advice and support to our clients.

Our practice regarding labor issues encompasses preparing of employment agreements, rule books and other relevant acts, including documentation necessary for obtaining of residence and work permits for foreign citizens and for assigning of domestic citizens abroad to work, as well as advising clients on policies and procedures in relation to employment and representing clients in court and other proceedings for exercising of their rights in relation to employment.

In addition, we are highly experienced in collective bargaining, creating of trade unions policies and representing of rights and interests of trade unions in matters within their scope, whereby we have also been involved in drafting regulations governing this matter within different task forces.

Immigration, labor working permits and employment in foreign labor markets

Dynamic business activity and movement of employees imposes the need to resolve their legal status – both the employees coming to Republic of Serbia to work, and those assigned by domestic employers to work abroad.

Our attorneys at law have a long-standing experience in providing legal assistance to clients with regards to labor permits, which includes the following services:

• obtaining of residence permits (employment–based residence in Republic of Serbia);
• obtaining of work permits, as well as deadlines tracking and permits renewal; and
• assigning of employees to work abroad.

Administrative Law

Our attorneys at law successfully advise and represent clients in proceedings before competent administrative authorities, including proceedings for obtaining of necessary approvals and permits, inspection and custom proceedings, as well as providing legal assistance and support in harmonizing of business operations with relevant administrative regulations.

Tax Law

As each transaction unavoidably involves certain tax implications, the optimization of tax liabilities and risks, i.e. their planning and management appear to be one of the most important preconditions for successful business. Therefore, our team is following perpetually the regulations and competent authorities’ practice with regards to corporate income tax, property taxes, income tax, VAT and other public revenues, all in order to effectively advise and represent clients in tax and other proceedings within the subject legal matter.

Penalty Law

Our team has a wealth of experience in preparing and exercising of defense of both natural persons and legal entities in misdemeanor proceedings, as well as in proceedings concerning economy offences and white collar crime.

Intellectual Property Law

Representing clients before the Intellectual Property Office, as well as before other organizations with jurisdiction over protection and exercising of rights in this matter is also encompassed by our domain of activities. Namely, we have a long standing experience in proceedings considering the right to trade mark, copyright and thereto related rights, as well as other intellectual property rights, including the preparing of all types of agreements and other necessary documents, registration, extension and transfer of rights, as well as participating in relevant court proceedings.

Data Protection

Taking into account that development of modern information technologies inevitably entails numerous risks to privacy of citizens, over the last several years various regulations have been issued, and plentiful measures have been undertaken, both internationally and domestically, all in order to provide legal protection to personal data. Therefore, responsible operating of such data represents very significant part of business, so it is strongly advisable to undertake all measures necessary to minimize legal risks in this field, especially relating to international companies.

Due to intense and devoted work on plentiful issues from the subject legal area, our team has significantly improved our legal assistance and help in registering of data bases and making of relevant documents, advising on issues of data processing and exporting, and complying with relevant regulations, as well as on many other regulatory and procedural data protection issues.

Gambling / Games of Chance

For many years, our office is particularly specialized in law regulating the arranging of games of chance, especially games of chance on automatic machines, both land-based and online.

When providing legal services with regards to games of chance, besides advisory services concerning the legal form of the company, amount of the share capital, conditions for obtaining of approval and relevant tax effects, our office provides the clients with direct assistance in preparing and obtaining of all necessary documents, and also represents them in proceedings for obtaining of license for games of chance arranging and bank guarantee required thereto, and advice’s clients throughout the business operations, all taking into account a whole set of specific regulations concerning this particular law area. Our office provides the aforementioned services both in Republic of Serbia and region.

Prize Games

For many years, our office provides legal assistance in organizing of prize games, both directly to the companies organizing the said games and to the numerous advertising agencies. More precisely, we advise our clients on the most appropriate ways of organizing prize games, their tax implications, preparing of prize game rules and all other necessary documents, and also participate in proceeding for obtaining the approval for organizing of prize games before the competent authority. The office provides the aforesaid services both in Republic of Serbia and region.

Real estate / Infrastructure / Construction

We advise and represent investors, designers, construction contractors, purchasers and sellers of real estate in all legal aspects of real estate construction and transactions.
In addition, we provide comprehensive legal service to agencies for real estate brokerage, as well as to agencies which organize and provide full advertising and operational service to investors undertaking large residential and business projects.

Business Associations

Companies in Serbian market, regardless of being competitors, are aware of legitimate common interests and the need for associating. The associating enables them to jointly work on achieving of common goals, as well as to simultaneously act before relevant state authorities.

Together, the companies achieve synergy by combining individual resources, and timely respond by increasing the certainty of operating on domestic market.
Out attorneys at law provide legal assistance to different business associations in establishing, operating and achieving of their defined goals, while concerning firm standards of protection of competition.

Trade Unions of Employees

Law office “Kovacevic///Kolesan” provides legal assistance to trade unions in the following issues:

• creating of trade unions policy and its subsequent implementation;
• creating of strategies and strengthening trade unions;
• representing of trade unions before state authorities and employers;
• participating in creating of regulations governing trade unions, their members and the employer;
• making contacts and creating of partnership with state authorities;
• achieving of trade unions’ representatives; and
• continuous communications with the employer, especially with regards to collective agreements and more important regulations.

In addition, we provide individual legal assistance to members of trade unions, which includes:

• advising;
• making of documents;
• representing before the employer; and
• representing in any type of court and administrative proceedings.

Medical and Healthcare Law

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. Numerous regulations, rules, guidelines, and laws are surrounding healthcare entities.
We are here to provide you with guidance, counseling, and advocacy as it is needed.

We have focused much of our practice on medical and healthcare law, which gave us the experience and skills needed to provide you with high quality legal services and certainty.

We can help you with forming of healthcare entity, which includes the following:

• forming a new healthcare entity,
• obtaining of all necessary licenses,
• Reviewing healthcare entity options and business models,
• Determining which option is right for your entrepreneurial vision,
• Collecting and completing necessary paperwork for formation,
• Filing documents with appropriate agencies, groups, offices, etc,
• Meeting all business requirements and prerequisites,
• Responding to inquiries in a timely manner,
• Petitioning for healthcare or business licenses.

We are managing regulatory compliance for Serbian Healthcare Entities.

Due to some of the most onerous and complex regulations of any field of business, along with the rules and regulations that come with business management, business purchase and sale, labor law compliance, etc., healthcare entities are subject to many state regulations concerning the provision of medical services.


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